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Friday, 10:30 - Noon

4D Discipleship


Jesus calls us to come and follow him—and to go and make disciples. What does that look like today? Join us as we explore 4D Discipleship—a lifelong practice for disciples who make disciples.

Tammy Long, executive pastor of South Bay Community Church in Fremont, CA

Communicating Effectively to Groups of All Sizes


Join us for practical tips and tools on communicating well to different groups of people. We will cover public speaking as well as engaging smaller groups in order to grow in your ability to communicate your message across effectively.

Caitlyn Stenerson, teen associate, Emmanuel Covenant Church, Shoreview, MN
Stephanie Williams O’Brien, a founding lead pastor of Mill City Church, Minneapolis, MN; professor of ministry at Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul, MN

Modern Slavery: Joining in the Fight Against Human Trafficking


Expose the heartbreaking world of human trafficking and learn practical ways women can help to combat it.

Meagan Gillan, director women ministries, ECC, Chicago, IL

Silence in Community


In this session we will practice silence in community as we learn together how to be still in silence, and then share in community what God has done in the quiet of our hearts.

Diana Shiflett, pastor of spiritual formation, Naperville Covenant Church, Naperville, IL

Eating Together


God created us to need food, and he modeled how a simple meal can draw people to himself. Eating together can be personally transformative and missional as we see in the feeding of the 5,000 and Jesus’s example of eating with sinners. This experiential workshop will be a forum to empower women using a theological vision and practical routines to build missional patterns into daily life.

Kim Roberts, small group leader, Highrock Covenant Church, Arlington, MA
Evelyn Fan-Lozano, small group leader, Highrock Covenant Church, Arlington, MA

Friday, 1:45 - 3:00

Carry the Word: Discern // Discover // Develop


This will be a time of discernment for women who are wondering if they are called to carry the word of God through preaching and teaching ministries. This will also be a time of discovering our unique voices for those who know they are called. We will conclude with deeper biblical and practical development of preaching and teaching.

Rici Skei, co-pastor, On Ramps Covenant Church, Fresno, CA

Welcoming the Stranger: How to Bring People on the Margins into Your Church and Home


Entering a new culture can be intimidating and overwhelming, and being on the margins can be lonely—but Jesus came to bring those on the margins into his family, to his table. Join us on a journey of what it might look like to welcome in the stranger in your world and start a movement so that our communities can be places where we are able to rest, engage, receive, and share life better together!

Carmen Maianu, director of strategic outreach, Highrock Covenant Church, Boston, MA
Fargol Dyrud, former associate and advocate, Greater Boston Refugee Ministry and training and development director, Tucson Refugee Ministry, Tucson, AZ

Growing in Your Spiritual Authority as an Emerging Leader 


One of the most difficult challenges young leaders face is learning how to step powerfully into the spiritual authority given us in the name of Jesus. Join us to discuss how to grow in your spiritual authority and lead your people well, no matter your age or experience.

Caitlyn Stenerson, teen associate,  Emmanuel Covenant Church, Shoreview, MN



Bringing awareness of the prevalence of sexual violence and relating the various effects of sexual trauma and the hope of healing through Christ. We will also address how to walk alongside those who have been assaulted.

Elizabeth O. Pierre, assistant professor of pastoral care and counseling and counseling psychology, North Park University and North Park Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL

Spiritual Practices in Community as Prayer


Using Scripture to pray with one another, we will engage with the word of God together and see how God speaks to us and through us. Practices: dwell in the word, Bible art journaling,
imaginative prayer leading into Emmaus walk

Diana Shiflett, pastor of spiritual formation, Naperville Covenant Church, Naperville, IL

The Truth About Sex

(Bonus Session)

Discover how to create real intimacy in marriages as we learn God’s truth, uncover lies, seek healing, and find real answers about sex.

Ruth Buezis, founder and author of Awaken Love

Saturday, 1:45 - 3:00

Sacred Rhythms and Rest


Instead of living a life of stress, learn to journey with Jesus where you will find true rest.

Eileen Zamora, associate pastor, Grace Covenant Church, Spring Valley, CA

With Jesus at Work


Inspiring and mobilizing people to see their work as sacred, we will provide practical steps on how to live this out meaningfully.

Karla Driskill, Highrock Metro West, Boston, MA; coach, mentor, and executive director, Hollister Institute

Self-care and Healthy Boundaries for the Leader


Healthy boundaries and self-care are gifts we give ourselves so that we can be healthy and whole.The first hour of this workshop will explore different ways of practicing self-care and why it’s important. The second part will address healthy boundaries in the context of ministry and how to enforce those for our health and our communities. Bring a journal and pen.

Osheta Moore, author, podcaster, and leader at Roots Covenant and Woodland Hills Church, St. Paul, MN

A Light in the Darkness: Coping with Mental Illness


Approximately one in 25 adults experience serious mental illness in any given year. How do we as Christians deal with the stigma, advocate well for ourselves and our loved ones, and find God’s grace and healing in the midst of confusion and grief?

Theresa Marks, director of pastoral care and advocacy, Develop Leaders, ECC, Chicago, IL

Spiritual Practices in Community in Your Context


Learn to lead new ways to pray in your own circles of influence. We will introduce the concept of how to lead practices in your own community. Take time to engage personally with the practices, learn how to lead practices well, and take time to think creatively about how you might use them in your own context.

Diana Shiflett, pastor of spiritual formation, Naperville Covenant Church, Naperville, IL